Fulflo® B Filter Vessels

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• Petrochemicals
• Coolants
• Hydraulic oils
• Process water
• Solvents
• Potable Liquids
• Compressed Air
• Spring-loaded bottom seats for positive cartridge sealing
• Duplex vessels for continuous service
• Manifold unit for increased flow
• B-Series filter vessels take standard doe cartridges

Carbon Steel “B” vessels feature single center bolt for quick cartridge changing and in-line connections for easy installation. Duplex vessels permit independent or parallel shell operation. In addition, they offer the advantage of continuous service because one can be serviced while the other is operating. Manifold vessels work simultaneously in parallel shells to provide higher flow rates with less pressure drop than single-shell models. Air and gas single-shell vessels feature in-line pipe connections for easy installation and aluminum baffle sleeve deflectors for two-stage moisture removal.

• Single center bolt for quick cartridge change
• In-line pipe connection for easy installation
• Optional integrally cast brackets for easy mounting
• Drains and vents standard on all models
• Standard Buna-n closure gasket material with optional viton,* neoprene and fluoropolymer gaskets available

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