Clariflow® II Biological Membrane Filter Cartridges

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• Pharmaceutical
• Intermediates
• Bacterial Growth Media
• Parenteral Solutions
• Reagent Chemicals
• Make-Up Water
• Vaccines

Clariflow® II-Biological Grade cartridges have been developed and optimised to assure end-product purity and stability in the filtration of water, buffers, culture media, biologicals and other solutions used in the pharmaceutical industry. Clariflow® II’s polyethersulfone membrane is inherently hydrophilic and therefore does not require the addition of wetting agents. This results in lowering extractable as well as compatibility with a wide range of chemicals across the pH range – including many organic solvents. The PES membrane also exhibits low protein-binding characteristics; is biologically inert and bacterial retentive.

Product Features:
• Faster processing of batches
• Qualitative bacterial retention reduces initial
• Non-pyrogenic for use in critical applications
• Long service life minimizes change-out frequency
• Maximizes product yields
• Each cartridge is fabricated in a clean room environment, pre-flushed with ultra pure deionised water and 100% integrity tested prior to shipment

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