CarbTEC™ Extruded Carbon Block Filter Series

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• Drinking Water
• Cyst Reduction
• Chlorine Removal
• Bottled Water
• Color removal
• Soft Drinks
• Flavor removal

Extruded Activated Carbon Block Filter

Patented extrusion process produces an activated carbon filter with superior ability to adsorb chlorine, taste, odor, organics, and color components.

Filter Features–Benefits
•High adsorptive capacity and efficiency
•More carbon at lower pressure drop than granular carbon
•Outer melt blown wrap provides particulate removal capability
•Minimal release of carbon fines
•No channeling, fluidizing or bypass
•Performance tested and verified by independent laboratory
•Manufactured using FDA listed materials of construction
•Cyst+ is a cyst reduction filter tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 53*
•Coco+ features coconut shell carbon for improved water taste
•NSF Components (Standard 42)

Additional information

Nominal Filtration Rating

.5, 2, 5

Type Carbon

Coal, Coconut Shell, Bituminous

Overall Diameter



9.75, 20"