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Terms, topics and information that can be helpful when selecting the correct filter.

Media Chemical Compatibility

The chemical composition and temperature of the process fluid must be considered in order to ensure the integrity of the filter media construction for the specified application.  Certain chemicals and temperature combinations can cause degradation of the filtration media resulting in failure of the media and downstream contamination in the process.

The attached chart provides a general guide for temperature and chemical compatibilities of the filter media Flow Tech offers.

Contact your Flow Tech Account Manager for further information and guidance on filter media selection.


 PolypropyleneNylonPolyester Aramid
Max Temp (F)200275275375
Max Temp (C)95135135190
Specific Gravity (gr/cm3)0.911.141.381.38
Weak AcidsExcellentFairVery GoodFair
Strong AcidsExcellentPoorGoodPoor
Organic AcidsExcellentPoorGoodPoor
Weak AlkaliExcellentExcellentGoodExcellent
Strong AlkaliExcellentExcellentPoorExcellent
Aliphatic SolventsFairGoodGoodGood
Aromatic SolventsPoorGoodGoodGood
Note: This guide is for general information only – Process trails are required to confirm compatibility.

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