Proflow™ II-E Mini-Capsules

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• Wet etch and clean
• Dilute acids
• DI water (<80°C)
• Ultrapure electronics-grade gases
• Small-volume lab systems

The Proflow™ II-E mini-capsule uses a PTFE membrane along with high-purity polypropylene supports that provide an economical alternative to all-fluoropolymer cartridges. It provides a high degree of retention and cleanliness along with good flow and lifetime. This filter is ideally suited for ultrapure microelectronics fluids and gases. The hydrophobic PTFE membrane serves as a highly efficient barrier to insure low moisture content of gases.

Fast and easy change-outs are assured with the encapsulated design. Three sizes are available to match the application and minimize hold-up volume.

• Good liquid and gas flow rates
• PTFE/ PP construction for chemical resistance
• Fast and easy change-out
• Three capsule sizes
• 100% integrity tested

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