L8 Flotect® Liquid Level Switch

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The Model L8 Flotect® Liquid Level Switch is ideal for predetermined liquid levels in tanks through pump control or solenoid valve control. It provides excellent liquid level alarm or indication when combined with the Series AN14 Indicating Annunciator.
• Environmental control
• Chemical/Petroleum processing
• Waste water
• Plating and washing tanks
• Scrubber systems
• Sewage treatment
• Holding tanks
• Car washes
• Cooling towers
• Remediation systems

Model L8 Flotect® Liquid Level Switch features a leak proof body and float constructed from tough, durable polyphenylene sulfide which has excellent chemical resistance.
Because the liquid level snap switch is magnetically actuated, there is no direct mechanical linkage to leak or fail, assuring longer life and decreased maintenance costs.
This inexpensive unit is ideal for liquid level alarm, indication or control. Installation is quick and easy — simply install in a horizontal position with the index arrow pointing down.

The L8 Flotect® Liquid Level Switch is UL recognized as an industrial motor controller per UL standard 508, suitable for mounting in a protected environment. This lightweight switch can be used in numerous chemical process, industrial systems and similar applications where process conditions are compatible with polyphenylene sulfide, ceramic 8 and 316 SS. This liquid level switch provides accurate set point control of liquids with specific gravities as low as 0.6. This compact and reliable control is designed to handle temperatures up to 212°F (100°C) and pressures to 150 psig (10 bar).