L4 Flotect® Float Switch

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• Leak proof body machined from bar stock
• Choice of floats dependent on maximum pressure and specific gravity
• Weatherproof, designed to meet NEMA 4
• Explosion-proof (listings included in specifications)
• Installs directly and easily into tank with a thredolet or flange (see application drawings)
• Electrical assembly can be easily replaced without removing the unit from the installation so that the process does not have to be shut down
• Horizontal installation or optional top mount vertical installation

Rugged and reliable the Series L4 Flotect® Level switch operates automatically to indicate tank level. Perfect for starting or stopping pumps, opening or closing valves, or actuate level alarm signals. A unique magnetically actuated switching design gives superior performance. There are no bellows, springs, or seals to fail. Instead, the free-swinging float attracts a magnet within the solid metal switch body, actuating a snap switch by means of a simple lever arm. Float arm hinge design limits the arm angle to prevent vertical hang-up.

• Direct pump control for maintaining level
• Automatic tank dump operations
• Control levels or provide alarms in sumps, scrubber systems, hydro-pneumatic tanks, low pressure boilers, and various waste water/sewage treatment processes