Glas-Tech® II Mini-Capsules

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• Serum
• Tissue Culture Media
• Wine/Beer
• Ink Processing
• Highly Viscous Solutions
• Cutting Oils

Glas-Tech II Mini-Capsules feature a borosilicate microfiber depth media that has an exceptionally high dirtloading capacity. The natural, positive charge of the glass fiber also aids in the retention of negatively charged particulates such as bacteria, endotoxin, and a variety of colloidal materials.

The encapsulated design maximizes efficiency by providing faster, easier change-out without laborious cleaning procedures. Eliminating the need to open reusable housings for cartridge replacement minimizes the chance of introducing contamination into the process and promotes safety by reducing the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous fluids.

Glas-Tech Mini-Capsules are available in a variety of sizes and end fitting combinations.

• High flow rate/long service life reduces processing time
• Long service life minimizes change-out frequency
• Natural positive charge enhances particle retention
• Thermally bonded construction minimizes extractables for cleaner filtrates

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H, S, D

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B, H, S, D, P, J, K, G

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002, 005, 010, 030, 050

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