Clariflow® II-B Mini-Cartridges

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• Sera and Vaccines
• Bacterial Growth Media
• Protein-Containing Preparations
• Parenteral Solutions
• Buffers and Reagents

Clariflow II-B Mini-Cartridges deliver high-purity fluids for small-volume biopharmaceutical applications. The mirrored anisotropic polyethersulfone (PES) membrane provides: superior fluid flow rates; extended on-stream life, and highly efficient removal of microorganism contamination. The membrane is also biologically inert, low protein-binding, and inherently hydrophilic. This means that little will be taken from or added to the effluent by the filter.

Clariflow II-B Mini-Cartridges match common batch sizes and minimize hold-up volume. Cost savings result from the reduction of lost product, and by scaling the process properly to avoid wasting excess filter capacity. The polyethersulfone membrane is inherently hydrophilic and therefore does not require the addition of wetting agents. This results in lowering extractables as well as compatibility with a wide range of chemicals across the pH range -including many organic solvents.

Product Benefits:
• High flow rate r educes processing time
• Quantitative bacterial retention produces sterile solutions
• Non-pyrogenic for use in critical applications
• Biologically inert, low protein-binding membrane maximizes product yields
• Inherently hydrophilic for cleaner filtrates
• End-fitting provides a secure O-ring seal (-116) that is available in a number of material choices

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