Fulflo® NP Filter Vessels

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• DI Water
• Inorganic Chemicals
• Photographic Solutions
• Organic Solvents
• Process Gases
• Electronic Grade Chemicals

Parker’s Fulflo® NP series vessels feature pure natural polypropylene construction. The NP series is an ideal economical alternative to stainless steel and fluoropolymer vessels for filtration of corrosive fluids. They are essential for applications and processes demanding high purity filtration. Availability of 10-inch and 20-inch lengths and both single and double-open-end seal designs adds additional versatility.

• Fulflo® NP series vessels available in two lengths and two seal designs offer versatility
• Several o-ring options maximize compatibility choices. Viton* is standard.
• Smooth fluid contact surfaces prevent bacteria and contaminant build-up
• U-bracket available for pipe mounting
• Mounting bosses in head accommodate L-bracket
• Securely retained head-to-shell o-ring ensures effective sealing by positive tangential contact and eliminates accidental misalignment
• Positive head-to-shell “stop” prevents over tightening
• Individual packaging ensures cleanliness until use
• NP vessels accept all standard double-open-end and single-open-end 2-222 o-ring design Fulflo filter cartridges
• NP vessels of pure polypropylene meet FDA requirements for edible and potable liquid filtration
• Available with pressure relief vent or threaded vent and drain
• Service wrenches available for easy installation
• NP vessels totally incinerable after useful life

Additional information

Vessel Type


Shell Length

10 = 10, 20 = 20

Cartridge Seal Design

DO = Double-Open-End (gasket seal), TC = Single-Open-End (222 O-ring)

Vent/Drain Options

D = 1/4 Femal NPT Drain (plugged, N = No Vent, Drain or Pressure Relief Button, R = Pressure Relief Button**, V = 1/4 in Female NPT Vent (plugged)

Head-to-Shell 240 O-Ring

E = EPDM (FDA grade), L = FEP/silicone (FDA grade), N = Buna-N (FDA grade), S = Silicone (FDA grade), V = Viton* (Industrial grade)