Proflow™ II Pharmaceutical LBR

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• Solvent sterilization
• Extraction / crystallization solvents
• Hot WFI filtration
• Aseptic packaging air / sterile air supply
• Fermenter / tank vents

The Proflow II Pharmaceutical Liquid Bacterial Retentive (LBR) cartridge is designed for those who require sterile pharmaceutical fluids and is validated to provide sterility through the retention of Brevundimonas diminuta per HIMA guidelines. Along with its sterilizing-grade performance, this cartridge exhibits high air and fluid flow rates due to the 9.3ft2 of expanded PTFE membrane it contains.

Proflow II-LBR cartridges are manufactured in a certified Class 10,000 cleanroom where they are flushed with non-pyrogenic deionized water and 100% integrity tested as well as serialized to provide complete product traceability.

• Fully validated for sterilizing-grade performance
• Broad chemical compatibility allows use with most pharmaceutical solvents
• Long service life minimizes change-out frequency
• Low differential pressure reduces energy costs
• Integrity tested to ensure quality
• Serialized for immediate traceability

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