Fulflo® XTL™ Filter Cartridges

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• Potable Liquids
• Organic Solvents
• Process water
• Photo processing
• Lubricants
• R.O. Pre-filtration
• Amines
• Chemical Process

The unique construction of Parker’s patented* Fulflo® XTL™ (extended life) cartridges provides twice the average life of conventionally wound cartridges for process fluid filtration. Computer modeling has optimized the wound cartridge geometry maximizing the use of the internal cartridge surface area. The enhanced design provides improved dirt-holding capacity (twice the average) over standard wound cartridges, while providing true con-trolled-depth filtration. Fulflo® XTL cartridges are available in nominal (90%) ratings of 1µm, 3µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm and 30µm.

• XTL cartridges result in significant cost savings based on fewer system interruptions, decreased labor expenses for change outs, and reduced inventory and cartridge disposal costs
• Unique computer programming capability permits the design and manufacture of special cartridge constructions to suit the requirements of nearly any filtration application
• “M” polypropylene and “C” cotton materials are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact according to CFR Title 21
• Continuous strand roving geometry provides performance consistency
• XTL wound cartridges fit all Fulflo vessels and most competitive vessels without compromising final product clarity or flow characteristics of the cartridge. The most noticeable difference is the extended life savings offered by XTL cartridges
• Extended center cores are available in tinned steel, 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel
• A special snap-in extender is available for polypropylene cores
• FDA grade polypropylene (DOE only) certified to ANSI/NSF61 standard for contact with drinking water components

Additional information

Cartridge Code

“Extended Life” Wound Cartridge

Micron Rating (nominal) (µm)

1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30

Fiber Type

C = Cotton (FDA), M = Polypropylene, (FDA Grade), T = Polypropylene, WC = White Cotton

Nominal Length (in)

9-4 = 9-7/8, 10 = 10, 19-4 = 19-1/2, 20 = 20, 29-4 = 29-1/4, 30 = 30, 39-4 = 39, 40 = 40

Core Material

No Symbol = Tinned Steel, A = Polypropylene, A3 = Glass-Filled, Polypropylene, G = 304 Stainless Steel, S = 316 Stainless Stee

Core Cover Material

No Symbol = No Cover, V = Nonwoven Polyester, Y = Polypropylene

End Treatment

No Symbol = No Treatment, L = Lacquer, M – Singed

End Cap Configuration

None = DOE (w/o gaskets), DO = Double open end (DOE), TC = 222 O-Ring/Flat, TF = 222 O-Ring/Fin, OB = Std. Open End/Polypro spring closed end, SC = 226 O-Ring/Flat, SF = 226 O-Ring/Fin, XA = Poly/Extender, XB = Ex. Core open end/Polypro spring closed, XC = Metal extender

Seal Material

P = Poly Foam, N = Buna-N, E = EPR, S = Silicone, V = Viton*, None = Standard DOE

Packaging Options

Z = Individual Poly Bag