Fulflo® PCC Filter Cartridge

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• Chemical
• Process Gas
• Oil Field
• Petroleum
• Photographic
• Coatings, Paint
• Film & Paper
• Ink & resins
• Metal treatment
• Recording
• Process water media
• Synthetic Fibers

Parker Fulflo® Pleated cellulosic cartridges meet a broad range of critical filtration applications. Each cartridge in the Fulflo Pleated cellulosic series is manufactured with premium grade, phenolic impregnated, cellulosic filter media. Phenolic resin locks the cellulosic fibers into a rigid, porous matrix. this structure provides superior particle removal and particle retention performance under the most severe conditions. Fulflo Pleated cartridges are available in 2µm, 3µm, 10µm, 30µm and 60µm pore sizes (99%+ removal: ß = 100).

• Premium pleated cellulosic media allow high flow capacity at low pressure drop
• Available in a variety of cartridge lengths and end cap configurations to fit most industrial vessels
• Phenolic resin impregnated to provide strength, integrity and high contaminant capacity
• High flow rates permit the use of smaller vessels and fewer cartridges
• Lower ∆P reduces power requirements and pump wear and tear
• Longer cartridge life reduces frequency of filter change out resulting in less disposal costs, reduced inventory and less process interruptions

Additional information

Cartridge Code (µm)

PCG020 – 2, PCC3 – 3, PCC10 – 10, PCC30 – 30, PCC60 – 60

Nominal Length

9 = (9-5/8in or 244mm), 10 = (9-13/16in or 249mm), 19 (19-5/8in or 498mm), 20 (19-15/16in or 506mm), 29 = (29-1/4in or 743mm), 30 = (30-1/16in or 764mm), 40 = (40in or 1016mm)

Support Construction

A = Polypropylene (DOE/SOE), G = 304 Stainless Steel (DOE)

Seal Material

P = Poly Foam (DOE Gasket Only), E = EPR, N = Buna-N, S = Silicone, V = Viton*

End Cap Configurations

AR = 020 O-Ring/Recessed (Gelman), DO = Double-Open-End (DOE), DX = DOE With Core Extender, LL = 120/120 (Filterite LMO and Nuclepore Polymeric Vessels)**, LR = 120 O-Ring/Recessed (Nuclepore)**, OB = Std. Open End/Polypro Spring Closed End, PR = 213 O-Ring/Recessed (Ametek and Parker)LT Polymeric Vessels)**, SC = 226 O-Ring/Cap, SF = 226 O-Ring/Fin, TC = 222 O-Ring/Cap, TF = 222 O-Ring/Fin, TX = 222 O-Ring/Flex Fin, XB = Ex. Core Open End / Polypro Spring Closed End