Fulflo® HT Filter Vessels

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• Heat transfer oils
• High temperature oils
• Hot Fluids and Gases
• Extended nameplate so design information is visible after protective insulation is installed
• Designed for minimum pressure drop
• designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code, U or UM stamp
• Design: 123 PSIG at 650°F and 418 PSIG at 650°F
• Dual purpose cartridge seat for use with double open end and 2-222 O-ring single open end cartridges

Fulflo® HT multi-cartridge filter vessels are specifically designed for filtration of high temperature heat transfer oils and other hot fluids. All details of design, materials and construction of the HT vessel series conform to ASME code. The HT series vessels are designed for use with double open end (DOE) and single open end (SOE) cartridges in 10, 20 and 30 inch lengths.

• ANSI blind flange closure for positive seal and common replacement gasket size
• High temperature 304 SS spiral wound closure gasket with non-asbestos filler for use at elevated temperature and when fire safe non o-ring design is required
• Modified silicone paint, suitable for high temperature, applied over sandblasted surface for exterior protection
• Nickel plated bolting for corrosion resistance at high temperature
• Cartridge top seats, guides and bottom seats made of 316 SS for corrosion resistance
• Inlet and outlet nozzles extended 6 inches to allow for installation of protective insulation

Additional information

Design Series

HT = High Temperature

Number of Columns


Cartridge Length

1 – 10in, 2 – 20in, 3 – 30in

Inlet/Outlet Flange Size

2 in

Code Stamp

UM150, UM300, U150, U300