Clariflow®-P (Pharmaceutical Grade)

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• Therapeutic Agents
• Bacterial Growth Media
• Water for Injection (WFI)
• Immunological Preparations
• Sera and Plasma Fractions

Clariflow® Pharmaceutical Grade cartridges are designed to produce end-product sterility during pharmaceutical final filtration. They deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability due to their materials of construction, comprehensive validation package, complete traceability, and extensive quality assurance program.

These filters achieve superior filtration characteristics because of a mirroredanisotropic, hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. This unique membrane morphology provides excellent flow rates, extended on stream life, and low proteinbinding characteristics. And it eliminates the need for wetting agents or surface treatments that could leach out during processing and adulterate the end product.

Clariflow cartridges are manufactured in a cleanroom environment, and each is flushed with non-pyrogenic deionized water and integrity tested before shipment to assure consistent performance and quality.

• High flow rates reduce processing time
• Quantitative bacterial retention provides sterile effluent
• Non-pyrogenic for use in critical applications
• Long service life minimizes change-out frequency
• Biologically inert and low proteinbinding nature maximizes product yields

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