VTEC®Track-Etch™Membrane Filter Cartridge Series

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• Semiconductor ultrapure water
• Cosmetics water and chemicals
• Solvent filtration
• Pharmaceutical water
• Bottled water

This pleated filter element is constructed of a double layer of Track-Etch polyester membrane for use in critical filtration applications. The filters are pre-flushed and integrity tested to ensure the optimal level of contamination removal.

Features– Benefits
• Integrity testable
• 12.5 ft2 (1.2m2) of Track-Etch membrane per 10″ element.
• High flow rates
• High resistivity, low TOC levels
• Sieving capture mechanism results in precise, consistent and reliable filtration
• Pre-flushed, integrity tested and serialized
• Meets USP 24 Class VI biological test for plastics
• All polyester construction
• Sanitizable with steam, hydrogen peroxide, hot water and other chemical sterilants
• Cyst removal exceeding ANSI/NSF standard 53 for drinking water
• Validation guide
• Pore size, lot and serial number are stamped on each filter element for identification and traceability.

Additional information

Filter Type

VTEC Series Filters

Retention Rating

.05, .1, .2, .4, .6, 1

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-9.75, -10, -20, -30, -40

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P, P2, P3, P7, P8


S, B, E, V, T