SC™ Single-Cartridge Filter Housings Series

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•Process water
• Coolants
•Potable liquids
• Hydraulic oils
•Petro chemicals
• Solvents

The SC Series of single cartridge metal filter housings are available in 304L or 316L stainless steel with either bolt or ring seal closure to service a wide range of general purpose filter applications. The SCR Ring Closure Series provide superior design features to serve higher pressure applications, allow full sump drainage and utilize a wider range of cartridge configurations. The SCB Bolt Closure Series is an economical design for double open ended cartridges.

General Features
•Single shell construction for quick spill-free cartridge replacement
•In-line pipe connections for easy installation in 1/2,3/4and 1 inch pipe sizes
•Drains built in
•Rated for flow rates to 7 GPM (26.5 lpm) per 10 inch filter cartridge length
•Mounting brackets are available
•Housing pressure drop is 0.6 psid at 7gpm(.04 bar @ 26.5 lpm)

Housing Types and Features
SCR–Single Cartridge Housing with Ring Seal Closure
•Superior design accommodates most cartridges, higher pressure and complete housing drainage
•High pressure seal design supports pressures to 300 psi(20.7 bar) @ 200°F (93°C)
•Center rod is eliminated to permit the use of double open end or single open end cartridges
•Tapered housing bottom permits complete drainage
•Model available for 222 and 226 O-ring style cartridge in all 316L stainless steel

SCB–Single Cartridge Housing with Bolt Closure
•Economical design accommodates DOE cartridges
•Optional T-handle available for sump removal
•Temperature rated to 250°F (121°C) and 250 psi (17.23 bar) maximum pressure