QCR™ Cyst Reduction Filter Series

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• Beverages
• Bottled water
• Cyst reduction in surface water

In recent years, significant outbreaks of water borne disease have been traced to Cryptosporidium and Guardia parasites. These naturally occurring organisms are present in many surface water sources and are highly resistant to inactivation by conventional water treatment processes such as chlorination. Healthy individuals typically recover from the common gastrointestinal effects within a few weeks, however for individuals with weakened or undeveloped immune systems, it can be life threatening. In order to ensure the safety of the water supply, standards have been established that define the minimum performance requirements for materials and components of water treatment systems. The QCR Cyst Reduction filter contains an absolute 1 micron filter media designed to exceed the ANSI/NSF Standard 53 of 99.95% for the removal of cysts based upon the polystyrene challenge in water*.

• Constructed entirely of polypropylene
• Compatible with most solutions•7.7 ft2(0.72 m2)of effective filter area
• High flow rates at low pressure drop
• High dirt capacity
• Meets/exceeds NSF Standard 53 for cyst reduction*
• Various O-Ring materials and configurations
• Easily retrofits most systems
• High surface area
• High flow rates and long on-line service
• Meets USP Class VI Biological Test for plastics

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QCR Series Filters

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