PEPLYN HD Filter Cartridge

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• Liquid filters
• Polypropylene

The two ways to increase the lifetime of a filter are to increase the amount of contamination it can handle, or to improve the effectiveness of cleaning procedures.

PEPLYN HD combines both of these capabilities in an advanced pleated construction. PEPLYN HD utilises high depth pleated polypropylene media that balances high contaminant loading capacity with efficient cleaning.

Capture of particles is throughout the depth of the media, larger particles being retained in the outer prefiltration layers, whilst the inner graded density PEPLYN media provides accurately defined retention under wide extremes of operating conditions. The lifetime of PEPLYN HD is enhanced by its ability to withstand frequent backwash cleaning.

Features and Benefits
• Raw water filtration for the protection of downstream process such as RO membranes
• Trap filtration removing pre-coat and body fed particles that have been released from powder filters
• Removal of carbon and resin fines downstream from treatment processes

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