Fulflo® Trubind™ 300 Cartridges

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• Water Soluble Machine
• Alkaline Parts washing
• Industrial Discharge Water
• Produced Water Disposal
• E-coat Paint
• Post Oil/Water Separator
• Compressor Condensate
• Car & Truck Wash Water
• Plating Bath• Gas & Oil Facility Wastewater
• Surface Water Runoff (truck stops, airports, auto service stations)
• Bilge Water
• Pre Carbon Bed
• Aerosol Mists Cooling Water
• Tanker Ballast Water
• Pre R.O. Membrane Polishing

Parker Fulflo® TruBindTM absorbent cartridges utilize a modified polymeric absorbent that economically and effectively reduces trace hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous fluids. The enhanced polymer, configured in a radial-flow-design cartridge, provides maximum utilization of avail-able surface area. This product can be used alone or as an enhancement to other systems. Whether process fluid reclamation or meeting disposal requirements is the goal, TruBind can solve many demanding hydrocarbon-contaminated aqueous fluid problems.

• Increases machine tool life when installed at point-of-use
• Increases working life of valuable process fluids
• Reduces hydrocarbon levels to meet EPA discharge regulations
• Absorbed hydrocarbon is chemically bound by polymer and is not leachable
• Absorbent polymer is enhanced to maximize utilization of surface area
• Radial flow design of cartridge allows maximum flow with minimal pressure drop
• High integrity construction withstands harsh process environment
• A variety of cartridge sizes and end cap options increase housing selection
• TruBind cartridges are completely incinerable
• Parker’s TQM system assures consistent and reliable performance

Additional information

Cartridge Series

TBC (TruBind Absorbent Cartridge)


9 (9-5/8in or 244mm), 10 (9-13/16in or 249mm), 19 (19-5/8in or 498mm), 20 (19-15/16in or 506mm), 29 (29-1/4in or 743mm), 30 (30-1/16in or 764mm), 39 (39in or 991mm), 40 (40in or 1016mm)

Support Core

A = Standard Wall Polypropylene Core

End Cap Configuration

DO = Double-Open-End (gasket seal), DX = DOE w/core extender, TC = Single-Open-End (222 O-ring seal), TX = 222 O-ring/Flex Fin

Seal Material

A = Polyolefin Foam Gasket (standard for “DO” seal design), N = Buna-N O-Ring (standard for “TC” seal design)