Fulflo® Metallic Filter Cartridges

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• Heat transfer
• Process Fluids Steam
• Hot Melt Processes
• Corrosive Fluids
• Catalyst recovery
• Viscous Fluids
• Hot wax
• Aggressive Gases
• Polymer Filtration
• Caustic Cleaning Solutions
• High temperature Processes

Parker’s Fulflo® stainless steel cartridges provide the optimum filtration solution for fluids and gases in high temperature and high flow rate applications. Available in a cylindrical or pleated design, cleanable stainless steel cartridges are the logical choice when natural and synthetic media cartridges cannot meet aggressive process conditions. Fulflo® reusable 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cartridges offer versatility of choice with fourteen nominal particle removal ratings, six standard lengths and a variety of end configurations and seal materials.

• Temperature capability up to 500° F with synthetic seals; up to 1500°F with NPT connections
• Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel for compatibility choice with aggressive chemicals
• Available in fourteen nominal ratings from 2 to 840 microns for a wide range of particle size removal
• Dimensional integrity of stainless steel media accommodates high flow rate and high temperature systems
• Cartridges may be cleaned and reused
• Available with a wide range of grommet and o-ring materials to optimize fluid and temperature compatibility
• Variety of seal configurations allow retrofit in many filter vessel designs
• Welded and crimped construction eliminates the need for adhesives which can be a contaminant source and limit temperature range
• Pleated surface maximizes filtration area for longer service life
• Plain (cylindrical) surface provides ease of cleaning
• Optional perforated stainless steel pleat protectors minimize handling damage
• Meets FDA guidelines for use with potable and edible liquids

Additional information

Cartridge Code

CSS = Cylindrical, Stainless Steel, PSS = Pleated, Stainless Stee

Nominal Micrometer Rating (µm)

2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100, 150, 190, 230, 280, 370, 540, 840

Nominal Length (in)

4 = (4in or 102mm), 9.75 = (9.75in or 248mm), 10 = (10in or 254mm), 19.5 = (19.5in or 495mm), 20 = (20in or 508mm), 29.25 = (29.25in or 743mm) 30 = (30in or 762mm), 40 = (40in or 1016mm)

Media/Support Construction

G = 304 Stainless Steel, S = 316 Stainless Steel

Seal Material

E = EPDM, F = PTFE (Grommet only), N = Buna-N, T = PFA/Viton* (O-Ring Only), V = Viton*, X = No Seal Material (FC, MC style)

End Cap Configuration

DO = Double open end (DOE), DX = Double Open end with extended Core, FC = Single open end w/1” NPTF female connetion, MC = Single open end w/1” NPTM male, SC = 226 O-Ring/Flat, TC = 222 O-Ring/Flat

Special Options

F = FDA Grade Seal Material, H = High Pressure Core (316 SS), P = Pleat Protector sleeve (316 SS)