Fulflo® MC and RC Carbon Filter Cartridges

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• Drinking water
• Plating Solutions
• Waste water treatment
• Color contaminated Fluids

Parker’s FDA grade MC and RC activated carbon cartridge series provides effective control of taste and odor causing contaminants in water such as chlorine and dissolved organics. At the same time suspended solids are con-trolled to a nominal 5 micrometer level. the Mc Series features a unique 3-stage “treatment” matrix with a granular carbon chamber between two layers of 5 micron rated wound poly-propylene medium. the rc Series is similarly constructed but with a larger outside diameter and in a variety of lengths to fit standard double open end Fulflo® “B” series vessels. The MMct-10 is unique within this series as a single-open-end carbon bottle design in which flow is channeled through the entire length of the cartridge. With this design contact time is maximized for optimum adsorptive contaminant removal.

• All components of the carbon cartridge series meet FdA guidelines for potable and edible liquid contact according to cFr title 21
• Six different cartridge sizes to accommodate most Fulflo® and similar style competitive vessels
• Unique design with pre-filtration and post filtration stage to optimize activated carbon layer
• Liquid phase high surface area activated carbon maximizes chlorine removal
• Unique 3-stage water treatment capability from one filter cartridge

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RC4, RC10, MC10-2, MC20-2, MC30-2, MMCT-10