Fulflo® LT Series Filter Vessels

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• Potable water
• Post oil/water Separator Polishing
• Leisure/commercial shipping bilge water
• DI water
• Process water
• Industrial discharge
• Compressor condensate
• Alkaline parts washing

Parker Fulflo® Lt Series Polymeric vessels are an ideal economical choice for low flow industrial and potable water applications. Standard and large diameter vessels accommodate 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 inch O.D. double-open-end Fulflo cartridges and meet FDA requirements for use with potable fluids. Both 10-in and 20-in vessels, with or without pressure relief vent, are available. Installation wrenches and brackets are optional.

• Fulflo® polymeric vessels are avail-able in two diameters and lengths, with or without relief vent
• The all-polymeric, corrosion-resistant LT series vessels are economical alternatives to stainless steel vessels when high temperature and high pressure are not specified
• All models are made of materials that meet FDA requirements
• The LTG model vessels provide both 1 in and 1-1/2 in NPT connection in same head
• Positive head-to-shell “stop” prevents over tightening
• Unique o-ring design ensures effective sealing by positive tangential contact and eliminates accidental misplacement
• LT model vessels are ideal for Fulflo® bonded, pleated and wound cartridges, as well as activated carbon core models MMct-10, Mc10-2, Mc20-2 and Mc30-2
• LTG model vessels are ideal for Fulflo® TruBind® 400 series cartridges and 4-1/2 in O.D. wound cartridges in double-open-end style
• Optional installation wrenches accommodate faster cartridge change-out
• Mounting brackets are available for pipe and wall installation
• LT series vessels are tested to industry standards of water Quality Association for burst pressure, seal integrity, and fatigue resistance

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LT = Vessel for nominal 2 1/2 in O.D. cartridges, LTG = Vessel for nominal 4 1/2 in O.D. cartridges

Vessel Length (in)

10, 20

Vent (in)

No Symbol = No Vent, V = Vent