Fluoroflow®-ABR Filter Cartridge

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Pharmaceutical Venting
• High-temperature fermentation
• RO and WFI storage tank vents

Aggressive Fluid Filtration
• Solvent sterilization
• Hot WFI filtration

The Fluoroflow ABR all-fluoroploymer cartridges are well-suited for tank venting in purified water systems that are sanitized on a regular basis with ozone. This filter can withstand extreme conditions, including extended exposure to high temperatures and/or ozone.

The cartridge is sterile air validated utilizing a bacterial aerosol challenge. This methodology best emulates the actual bacterial removal action of a filter when used as a hydrophobic vent filter.

Fluoroflow ABR is fabricated, 100% integrity tested, and packaged utilizing a certified Class cleanroom that operates under FDA guidelines for cGMPs for medical devices. This cartridge is fully validated and supported with a Certificate of Quality and a User Guide that includes instructions for wetting and integrity testing.

• Ozone compatible
• 100% Integrity tested
• Excellent air flow rates
• All-fluoropolymer components
• Extreme chemical compatibility

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