Chemflow®-XF Filter Cartridge

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• Bulk chemical delivery
• Acids, bases, solvents, photochemicals
• Wet etch and clean (<.60°C)
• Phosphoric acid
• Hydrofluoric acid
• Nitric acid
• SC1, SC2
• Solvents

The Chemflow®XF filter cartridge uses a superior a symmetric PTFE membrane than provides unmatched flow rates and on-stream life. It is constructed with HDPE supports that provide an economical alternative to all fluoropolymer cartridges while still maintaining a high degree of retention and cleanliness. This filter is ideally suited for bulk chemical delivery and lower temperature wet processes (<60°C). Customers using the cartridge for viscous fluids like phosphoric acid have reported flow rates and lifetimes more than twice that of the leading competitor. These advantages help improve yields while decreasing overall filtration costs. In bulk delivery applications, the high flow allows for reduced system sizing and associated savings. It is available dry or wet-packed for quick installation.

• Highest flow rates in the industry
• Long lifetime
• Wet-pack option for quick installation
• PTFE/ HDPE construction for chemical resistance
• 100% integrity tested in cleanroom environment

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