Aerostar 3-Ply Filters – Series 15/40

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The Aerostar 3-Ply Panel and Link filters incorporate three distinct filter layers permanently heat sealed around a galvanized 9 gauge internal wire frame. The first layer acts as a high-porosity impingement filter, the second a high-density interceptor and the third a durable strainer to prevent unloading and streaming. A non-migrating tackifier between the second and third laminates assures positive filter cake build up. This filter achieves a high level of efficiency for a wide range of particle sizes. Because no external support structure is necessary, all of the media surface is exposed to the air stream.

You may choose either the panel or link form of filter construction. The link form is designed for side load slide-in systems. It eliminates any possible joint by-pass, and can reduce filter change-out time by 70%. Both panels and links offer approximately three times the life of fiberglass throwaway filters. When used as pre-filters, these filters will add substantially to the life of more expensive high-efficiency filters.

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